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The 1% Club

The 1% Club is helping people achieve Financial Independence with a community of  over 30,000+ lifetime members. It is co-founded by Sharan Hegde (aka Finance with Sharan) and Raghav Gupta (co-founder and CEO at Futurense Technology). The 1% Club aims to transform the education space for money management and personal finance. The larger goal being to ensure that The 1% Club members reach the top 1% of India and achieve Financial Independence. 

Financial Freedom University

With over 12+ hours of modules made by top creators, unlock your journey to retire early.


Expand your professional circle, meet impressive individuals and have fun at our Meetups.

Community App

Find accountability partners, engage in Q&A, find jobs, discover events and stay updated with daily finance news.

Financial Tools

From planning your financial goals to investing your money, our 25+ proprietary tools help you customize your unique pathway towards financial independence.

Our Story

“Each person has a purpose,” a phrase that got imprinted on my mind a long time ago, which I have channelled through every step of the way, whether it was about opting out of Columbia or starting content creation in the middle of the pandemic. It took me circling 26 times around the sun to actualise my purpose, but when I did, I didn’t spend one single second delaying the inevitable:  to bridge the gap between curated information and the working class, so they too can fulfil their life goals.
You, With the potential of harnessing your talent to become the crème de la crème of the Top 1%, but hindered by notions almost within your control. If you aim to alter   ‘almost’ to  ‘negligible’, it is through information. But what happens when information is in abundance, comprehension is at an all time low and our density to consume knowledge has depleted? A generation full of individuals who have acumen and perseverance but are failed by means. This insight paved the way for the inception of The 1% Club.

Information, when available in heaps, is unserviceable. All I needed was to meet people where they want to be met, that is through interaction, humour, infotainment and connectivity, which inevitably gave birth to the 1% Club.

Sharan Hegde (Founder, CEO) and Raghav Gupta (Co-Founder) at the 1% club Mumbai office in Worli.

Our Founders

Financial planning is nothing without education. People can only invest wisely and make informed financial decisions when they are well-educated about the subject. The 1% Club is the first-of-its-kind social finance app that masterfully combines the power of education with the convenience of fintech, enabling our users to embark on a journey of financial empowerment.

Sharan Hegde
Founder at 1% Club

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in a country full of aspirations. At the 1% Club, the goal is to cater to the aspiration of improving the financial well-being of the new India. At Futurense, I did something similar for Indian talent through zero-cost upskilling opportunities and now with The 1% Club, we want to elevate the financial status of Indian people.

Raghav Gupta
Co-Founder at 1% Club

Our Vision

Helping People Achieve Financial Independence.

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