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Ever wondered if there was a simple and effective way of  identifying multi-bagger stocks in 2024?

15th June, 4 PM
2 hours live
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What will you learn?

Build and Track Your Custom Portfolio

You'll have the power to create your own investment portfolio that perfectly aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. It's all about investing on your terms!

Key Entry and Exit Points of the Stock Market

Imagine being able to confidently identify the best moments to enter and exit the stock market. This knowledge will help you maximize your profits and minimize losses. 

Easy 5 Step Investing Strategy

I've simplified the entire investing process for you with our easy-to-follow 5-step strategy. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to making informed investment decisions with ease!

5 Min Stock Elimination Technique

Want to save time and focus on the most promising stocks? Our 5-minute technique will show you how to quickly eliminate stocks that don't meet your criteria. You'll be able to zero in on the winners in no time!

Learn Macroeconomic Trends for Swing Trades

Discover the fascinating world of how macroeconomic trends impact the stock market. By understanding these trends, you'll be able to spot profitable swing trading opportunities like a pro!

Build an Inflation Adjusted Retirement Portfolio

I'll show you how to build a retirement portfolio that keeps pace with inflation. Rest easy knowing that your investments will maintain their value over time, providing you with a secure retirement.

How to Train Your Mind for Profits

It's not just about numbers and charts. I'll guide you on developing a success-oriented mindset. You'll learn techniques to overcome emotional biases, make rational decisions, and boost your profitability. Mind over matter!

Analyze Current Market Trends with Technical Analysis (Basic)

Don't get overwhelmed by market trends! I'll teach you the basics of technical analysis, helping you interpret and make sense of those trends. You'll gain the confidence to make well-informed trading decisions.

FOMO Investment vs Long-Term Investing

Learn the difference between FOMO investments (those driven by the fear of missing out) and the power of long-term investing. I'll equip you with the knowledge to make smart investment choices aligned with your goals and risk tolerance.

Finding Multibaggers - Quantitative Parameters

Uncover the secrets of finding potential multibagger stocks, those that have the potential to provide substantial returns over time. We'll share quantitative parameters and strategies to identify these hidden gems!

Who is this masterclass for?


Start investing as a student and learn compounding fast, learn strategies and watch those investments grow.

Working professional

Get access to tools and shortcuts so you can take control and never run behind your bills.

Business Owner

Learn the ins-and-outs of making the most of your money and ensuring peace of mind even in bad times.

Meet your Mentor

Shashank Udupa

is the

founder of Avalon Scenes and a finance content creator




He is a finance maven with an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for building businesses that break the mould.

He's a former investment banker from IIFL Wealth.

As the co-founder of Avalon, Shashank has been instrumental in creating and launching several startups that have made waves in the industry.

His innovative vision and expertise have attracted backing from top investors like Kunal Shah, Tanmay Bhat, and other marquee investors.

Exclusive Bonuses

Stock Selector Cheatsheet that helps in picking stocks within 10 minutes

Do you always wonder which stock to pick and whether it will be a good investment or not? If yes, then this excel sheet will help you pick good stocks within 10 minutes.

Financial Planning Calcuator worth ₹4,999

Do you really want control of your financial planning but don't have enough data to create a long-term plan? Our Financial Planning Calculator will do the hard work for you.

Access to my favorite Case Studies

I'll share the case studies which will help you get a deeper understanding of certain key market elements.

Student Testimonials

Who benefitted from Shashank’s Masterclass

Rhitam Dutta

Software Developer


Read a couple of books that Shashank suggested and also the way that he explains concepts is crystal clear and easy to decipher. He cuts right to the chase and doesn't treat his audience like a bunch of five-year-olds like most financial YouTubers.

Shibangsh C



Shashank's weekend Lives on Youtube were something that I would eagerly wait for every weekend, and I have found immense value in what he preaches there.

Nisha Autade

Banking Aspirant


I have completed masters degree in Economics and I'm looking forward to working in an investment or corporate bank. I had started investing in stock market didn't know how to go through. That's when I came across Shashank's videos on YT which are comprehensive with fun and excitement.

Prateek Gaba

Family Business Owner


I used to work as an research analyst focused on qualitative research and due diligence for Mutual Funds, performance reporting of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans. I have left my job to carryout my family business. I had bought Shashank's course earlier. Here I am again to refresh the content based on recent issues.

How do I enroll in the masterclass?
Enrolling in the masterclass is simple. Just click on the Register Now button on this page, and you'll be guided through the enrolment process. Secure payment options are available for your convenience.
Who is this masterclass suitable for?
This masterclass is suitable for anyone interested in building their investment skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the stock market. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this masterclass will provide valuable insights and strategies to enhance your investment journey.
Do I need any prior knowledge or experience in investing?
No prior knowledge or experience is required. This masterclass starts from the basics and gradually progresses to more advanced concepts. It's designed to be accessible to individuals at all levels of expertise.
What will I learn in this masterclass?
This masterclass covers a wide range of topics including building and tracking custom portfolios, identifying key entry and exit points in the stock market, implementing an easy 5-step investing strategy, analysing macroeconomic trends for swing trades, creating inflation-adjusted retirement portfolios, training your mind for profitable investing, utilising technical analysis for market trend analysis, distinguishing between FOMO investing and long-term investing, and finding potential multi-baggers using quantitative parameters.
How long is the masterclass?
The masterclass consists of high quality materials, made crisp for ease of learning. 2 hours is the time needed to cover it, but since we take a lot of your questions, it may extend up to 3 hours.
Are there any prerequisites or software requirements?
Only one, Zoom should be installed on your device and you should be logged in with the email address you register with. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access. Any software or tools required for the masterclass will be introduced and explained during the class.
Can I ask questions during the masterclass?
Absolutely! Throughout the masterclass, you'll have access to a dedicated Q&A section on Zoom where you can ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage in discussions with the Shashank and fellow participants.
I have a question that is not answered above. What should I do?
If you have a question that has not been answered above, please feel free to reach out to us at We're here to assist you and ensure you have a rewarding learning experience!