How will I get the link to attend the masterclass?
You will get your individual Zoom link on the email address and WhatsApp number you register with. Reminders will be sent before the masterclass as well. Make sure you don't share the link with anyone, only one person can join with one link.
What is the difficulty level of the concepts taught in the class?
The masterclass will begin with entry-level concepts and move to more advanced ones in the later half. You'll learn a good deal whether you're a student, a working professional, or an entrepreneur.
How will I get the tools?
They will be delivered to you on your registered email address within 24-48 hours of the masterclass.
In which language will the masterclass be conducted?
It will be conducted in simple English language.
What if I'm not able to attend the masterclass after registering?
If you miss the masterclass, we'll invite you to the next one for a nominal fee.
Where should I seek assistance before/after registering?
Email us from your registered email address on support@onepercentclub.io and we will help you right away.