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Dual Coursework

30% Coursework in India
9 Semester Credits or 15 Quarter Credits
Live online classes from top IIT/IIM faculty
Advanced Certification from IIM/IIM
70% Coursework in the US
21 Semester Credits or 30 Quarter Credits
Live on campus classes in the US
Waiver on all Entrance Exams

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs?)

What is the Futurense US Pathway Program?

Futurense US Pathway is an alternative and a better roadmap for students planning to pursue their Master’s in the US. We, at Futurense, have partnered with prestigious Indian Institutions like IIT/IIM, and top US universities, to help students pursue their US Master’s without worrying about entrance exams and expenses. 

With Dual Coursework, we have managed to eliminate all entrance exams and cut the expenses by more than 50%! 

With a dedicated experts team here, at Futurense USP, we provide end-to-end assistance to all students - from university selection to building a career post Master’s, we stand with them every step of the way!

How can I apply to the Futurense US Pathway program?

To apply for the Futurense US Pathway Program, click here.

Who can apply to the Futurense US Pathway program?

Futurense USP is designed for all Indian Graduates with the US Master’s dream. If you have a 4 year B.Tech / B.E. / related degree, a minimum of 1 year work experience, and basic knowledge in at least one programming language, you are welcome to apply.

How many years of work experience should I have to apply?

While the specifications may change for different universities, a minimum of 1 year work experience post 4-year B.Tech/ B.E. / related degree is preferred.

What is the minimum percentage I should have in B.Tech / B.E. / related degree to qualify for the program?

Some US universities hold a preference for applicants with at least 70% or 7 CGPA in B.Tech /B.E./ related degrees. But, we can always make exceptions if the overall application is strong. So, no matter what your marksheet reads, don’t hesitate to apply!

What is Dual Coursework?

Dual Coursework is Futurense US Pathway’s innovative solution to make Master’s degree from Top US Universities accessible to all deserving candidates.With dual coursework, students will complete 30% of their Master’s coursework online, from prestigious Indian Institutions like IIT/IIM. And the remaining 70% on-campus, in the US, from a Top US University.

What are the benefits of Dual Coursework? 

With Dual Coursework, by completing a portion of the coursework here in India, your living cost in the US is dramatically reduced, and you can save up to 60% on total expenses! 

You also get to complete your Master’s in just 12 months as opposed to the regular 18 or 24 month duration.  

And, you get an Advanced Certification from prestigious institutions of India like IITs and IIMs.

Will I still get my Master’s degree if I fail the IIT/IIM program? Is there a cut-off to qualify?

When you complete the IIT/IIM program and clear the exams, you will earn 30% of the total credits required for your Master’s degree. 

Although there is no fixed cut-off, a minimum of 3 CGPA is preferred. Some universities may charge a higher tuition fee for students with scores below 3 CGPA in the IIT/IIM program.

In case you don’t complete the IIT/IIM program or clear the exams, you will still get to pursue 70% credit in the US as usual. But, you will also have to make up for the remaining 30% of the credits by taking up additional courses while in the US. 

This might result in the extension of your Master’s duration, and can also increase your expenses by a huge margin.

How are the total credits split between IIT/IIM and US university?

With the Futurense US Pathway, you will earn 30% of your total credits through the IIT/IIM Program, and the remaining 70% at the US university. The 30% credits you earn here in India will be automatically transferred when you fly to the US university.

Can Non-Indians apply?

As of now, the Futurense US Pathway Program is exclusively open to Indian Nationals. But, we are working on expanding the opportunity to global citizens. So please check back later for potential updates.

What if my VISA gets rejected?

Futurense has a strong track record of successful VISA approvals, with a high acceptance rate of 96%! Which means, at least 96% of the students will successfully receive their VISA. In the uncommon event of a rejection, you have an option to reapply after the designated waiting period.

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