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Struggling to

Manage Finances?

Who to Ask?

Creating your own financial plan can feel challenging with incomplete information from friends and family, and expensive financial planners.

How to Implement?

Without access to tools and guidance, it's challenging to create a financial plan that aligns with your goals.

Have no TIME?

The time-consuming nature of making financial decisions often leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unable to allocate sufficient time.

From conversations with multiple financial experts Sharan has consolidated his knowledge into The 1% Club.

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Module 1

Start with the Basics: Introduction to Financial Planning

First unlearn some of the bad financial advice you've been exposed from family, friends and media.
Then you will dive into understanding how to decide your financial goals - short-term, mid-term, and long-term. And you'll learn about all the different asset classes available to you to achieve these goals.
You will get access to all my finance tools to make these decisions in less than a minute.
By the end of this module, you will be able to clearly define your financial goals before we start investing for it.
Module 2

Financial Planning Intermediate

I will reveal the optimal asset allocation strategies that PROFESSIONAL wealth managers use for the ULTRA RICH
Then we will dive into understanding how to decide your financial goals
Then we will dive into understanding how to decide your financial goals
You will get access to all my finance tools to make these decisions in less than a minute.
By the end of this module, you will be able to clearly define your financial goals before we start investing for it.
Module 3

Financial Planning Advanced - Mutual fund selection, Real estate investing, Gold Investing

How I select mutual funds under the debt and equity category?
I've created this methodology after talking to close to 3-4 certified financial planners who handle money for the ultra rich and also fine-tuned it by talking to mutual fund managers themselves.
The methodology has been simplified for you in the form of an excel tool.
There are more than 3000 mutual funds today. With the help of this tool, you will be able to select the right ones for you in less than 5 mins. I will also tell you which mutual fund categories to avoid. I will also tell you when to exit the mutual funds.
I will also explain how to invest in gold, real estate and other alternate asset classes to create a complete risk-adjusted investment portfolio which will give you a good night's sleep no matter what the market condition is.
Module 4

Health is Wealth : Insurance Planning

All the different kinds of health insurance available in the market
How to select a health insurance that suits your needs through a case study?
How to purchase health insurance for your parents with a live demo?
How to save thousands of rupees when purchasing health insurance?
Module 5

Life Insurance
Planning That LIC won't want you to know!

Whether you need a life insurance in the first place
How to get out of bad policies you have entered in the past?
How to select the best policy for you with a live demo, along with relevant riders?
Module 6

Tax Planning Basics : Understanding What The Hell Your CA is Talking About!

The different types of taxes. How does tax (income tax, GST etc) get calculated?
How to optimize your tax savings as a salaried employee? Hacks for Business owners to reduce tax.How to plan your 80C? How your spouse and kids can save you taxes? How your parents can help you save taxes? How to use your employer to save taxes?
How to pay less tax to the government? The game of exemptions and deductions.
Case study on how to pay zero taxes
Module 7

Tax Planning Advanced: Congrats! You are now almost a CA!

How to do tax planning for you investments?
How to hack the system legally to reduce your taxes?
All tax planning lessons for advanced learning


Meet your mentor

Sharan Hegde   is India’s top finance content creator and Forbes 30 under 30


An Ex-management consultant who has worked with 2 Big Four firms (KPMG, PWC) and an angel Investor in 10+ fintech startups, Sharan has captured the attention of the nation with his entertaining and humorous way of explaining complicated finance topics.

He has been recognised as one of the 75 young cultural ambassadors of India by the esteemed Ministry of Culture.

He has been hailed Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2023 and as one of the top 100 digital stars in the country.

He was recently bestowed with the highly coveted title of ET Brand Equity Mega Influencer of the Year award.

Sharan Hegde_founder_the 1% club

What other members have to say

Raghu Dixit
Singer and Composer
“Sharan’s page is the
perfect first step”

I stumbled upon @FinanceWithSharan profile on insta feed and for the first few times it was for the laughs but eventually I started following him for the hidden gems of advice about managing and handling one’s finances.

His posts are to the point, funny, insightful and helpful even to a noob like me who doesn’t have an affinity for numbers.

Anil Ghelani
DSP Mutual Funds
Head of Passive Investments
“Power-packed learnings with practical examples”

I have been following @FinanceWithSharan since 2021 after he had interviewed me on his InstaLive show.

You will find personal finance and investment tips very useful and easily actionable in our real life routine.

Thanks Sharan for regularly sharing power-packed learnings with practical examples.

Kushal Lodha
CA Final (AIR 5)
Bestselling Author | LinkedIn Top Voice
“Covers minute details of every topic“

I have been watching @FinanceWithSharan content right from the inception of his content creation journey and have gained immense value despite me coming from a core finance background.

Right from how to save taxes to why take an Uber Instead of buying a car, he covers minute details of every topic which is backed by data and evidence.

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What is The 1% Club?
The 1% Club is an exclusive members-only community to help the rising middle class become the top 1%.

Membership to the community gives you access to a comprehensive learning academy with 12+ hours of high quality learning modules and resources. It also gives you access to epic offline meet-ups across the country and an investing social network where you can ask questions and connect with other like-minded individuals on your wealth journey.
Will I get access to creators other than Sharan?
Yes, as part of The 1% Club membership, you also get access to the learning modules, weekly live sessions of other creators on The 1% Club.

Shashank Udupa, an ex-investment banker and influencer recently launched his learning modules as well which is available for you at no additional cost.
How is this different from other online courses?
Firstly, we are not just "another online course". Our learning modules are only one aspect of our membership.

Also unlike other online courses, we have a curated 4-week long learning boot camp with assignments at the end of the learning modules to test your understanding. We ensure that our members stay on track of their learning with regular reminders and assistance from our teaching assistants and mentors.

Lastly, there are weekly live sessions with industry experts, quizzes with exciting prizes.
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Once you complete payment, you will receive email and WhatsApp communication with specific instructions on how to get started.

You will also receive access to The 1% Club mobile and web app.

We also have an Orientation session and frequent community catchups, AMAs and 24*7 support over email, WhatsApp and the app in case you get stuck.
What is your refund policy?
We have a 7 day refund policy where you get full refund of your payment fees.

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