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Stock Market Basics
Decoding IPOs
Investing Tools
Financial Ratios 101
Psychology of Investing
Reading Financial Statements
Shashank Udupa
Former investment banker from IIFL Wealth and a finance content creator

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Tired of trial and error?

Don't know how to research?

Navigating the stock market without research is like sailing without a compass. Don't get lost in uncertainty; learn how to read financial statements and annual reports to make an informed decision.

Don’t know when to enter or exit?

Missing the right market moments is like arriving late to a party - the fun's already begun. Join us to decode market timings and make your investments grow.

Your strategies falling short on returns?

It's frustrating when strategies feel like jigsaw pieces that never quite fit. Unveil the puzzle of successful trading with our proven methods, and watch your returns transform from disappointment to delight.

From conversations with multiple financial experts Shashank has consolidated his knowledge into The 1% Club.

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Module 1

Stock Market Basics

Understanding the Stock Market, Exchanges and the role of SEBI. Never get overwhelmed by stock market investing jargon ever again.
Watch a step by step breakdown of setting up a Demat and Trading account from scratch.
Learn how to setup watchlists and understand the difference between different types of orders like MIS, NRML, CNC, Margin.
Get introduced to more advanced stock market concepts like stock splits, stock bonuses, dividends, rights issues, and buybacks.
Zoom in on shareholding patterns and recognize pump and dump schemes to avoid massive losses.
Module 2

Decoding IPOs

Identify different types of IPOs.
Learn how to read and interpret IPO information effectively.
Familiarize yourself with the step-by-step journey of an IPO.
Master the skill of reading a DRHP document within 10 minutes.
Module 3

Investing Tools

Research and utilize the best software for stock screening to identify potential investment opportunities.
Implement the best software for research reports/brokerage calls to gain valuable insights into market trends and stock recommendations.
Analyze conference call reports efficiently by using the best software available, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.
Enhance your technical analysis skills by utilizing the best software for chart reading, enabling you to interpret stock patterns effectively.
Optimize your stock screening process for the USA market by utilizing the best software specifically designed for this purpose.
Module 4

Reading Financial Statements

An overview of financial statements and their importance in analyzing businesses.
Understanding and interpreting Profit and Loss account statements with book recommendations.
Comprehending and interpreting Balance Sheets with book recommendations.
Understanding and interpreting Cash Flow Statements with book recommendations.
Module 5

Financial Ratios 101

An overview of the Financial Ratios and the different types.
In-depth analysis of Valuation Ratios (PE, PB), Margins (NPM, GPM, OPM, NPA, GNPA), Efficiency Ratios (ROE, ROCE), Solvency Ratios (ICR, Debt to equity) & Cashflow Ratios (FCF, Price to FCF)
Comparing ratios with Peer/ Sector Trends
Decoding Financial Ratios in brokerage reports.
Module 6

Reading Annual Reports

Familiarize yourself with the purpose and structure of an annual report, which provides a comprehensive overview of a company's financial performance and operations throughout the year.
Examine key sections to look at in an Annual Report, which provide insights into a company's financial health and performance.
Understanding MD&A, Directors’ take, Financial statements clarifications and shareholding changes.
Measuring sectoral changes and its impact.
Module 7

Psychology of Investing

Prepare and train your mindset for investing, capital allocation.
Embrace the mindset for effectively handling Stock Market crashes
Set triggers when to invest more. Should you choose SIP?
Master the science of timing your profit-taking for winning stocks and loss-cutting strategy for declining stocks.
Curb the urge of FOMO investing.


Meet your mentor

Shashank Udupa   is former investment banker from IIFL Wealth and finance content creator.


He has over 15+ years of experience in stock market. He is a finance maven with an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for building businesses that break the mould.

As a co-founder of Avalon, Shashank has been instrumental in creating and launching several startups that have made waves in the industry.

His innovative vision and expertise have attracted backing from top investors like Kunal Shah, Tanmay Bhat, and other marquee investors.


What industry experts have to say

Abhinav Arora
CMO - Scenes by Avalon
“Phenomenal growth both in the markets & as a mentor“

I’ve seen Shashank’s growth as a content creator, mentor, and finance expert.
He’s shown phenomenal growth in just a matter of years.

He was always the one who loved the numbers and dug deep into the books to understand how business truly worked.

I’m excited for all those who will be participants in that obsession now!

Saheli Chatterjee
Entrepreneur & Influencer
“No one better to master stocks with!”

There are very few people as talented and skilled as Shashank at stock investing and strategy.

Having worked with him 1:1 I really learnt how different his mindset is and his vision is a league apart. He is also a TERRIFIC and Captivating teacher... No one better to master stocks with.

Anish Nandalike
Finance Influencer
“Learnt a lot even though I’ve been investing for 6 years now”

Shashank has a knack of simplifying complex finance topics and making making it relatable to every day life. I attended his pro masterclass and did learn a lot even though I have been investing for over 6 years now.

I would say his teaching style is well suited for both --- “I don’t know what finance is” and “I want to get better at finance” type of people.

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