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Top Guns

  1. Become a speaker, you lead the sessions
  2. Empower the community with your expertise, become a guiding light

City Commandos

  1. Be on the Organizing Committee for Illuminex and Workshops in your city
  2. Be a part of the green room and host the speakers

Media Mavericks

  1. Be the voice of The 1% Club’s Instagram page
  2. Interview people and spark open discussions about money


  1. Be the community champion and create a thriving environment for the 1% Club community app.
  2. Join the ranks - Lieutenant, Captain & General
  3. Engage and lead the community content upwards
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Enter the inner circle of achievers, where impact is made.


Gain exclusive access, earn badges, and earn certificates that showcase your leadership journey.


Elevate your abilities and broaden your network, setting the stage for your own success story.


Harness the power to ideate, initiate, and lead transformative change within the community.

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Prathyusha G S
Professional Scrum Master

Within this community, I've had the privilege of networking with high-achieving individuals & engaging in advanced investment strategies. The 1% Club has deepened my understanding of wealth management & allowed me to contribute my expertise to people focused on achieving exceptional financial success.

Sr. Consultant - Cloud

It has been a fantastic experience to go from simply being a member to participate in live sessions, Q&A, and other activities to directing them. I'm thrilled to be able to support community members & point them in the proper way for obtaining financial independence.

Supriya M.
Front End React Developer

I was one of the first 50 folks to have enrolled in the 1% Club. Fast forward a year later, I am glad to have been approached to be a part of the Lieutenant Group (LG). We have began an initiative of bringing the women of our community to step forward and share their side of the stories. My experience as an LG member of The 1% Club has been very rewarding, and I look forward to contributing to the community in the future.

Kunal M Mehta
Chartered Accountant

Each and everything is taught from the base level and gradually got to learn everything in details. Whether it be selecting Mutual funds, health insurance, life insurance, saving taxes, investing in stock markets, etc. This club has provided me knowledge of all the investible asset classes available for us. I really look forward to achieve Financial Independence.

Aman Vijay
Experienced Insurance Professional

This experience has been nothing short of transformative. Engaging with forward-looking insights on the community's strategic roadmap, participating in monthly insightful discussions alongside Sharan, and even leading enriching sessions for the community – every moment has been a treasure of growth. The anticipation for upcoming community initiatives and plans for LG members fills me with enthusiasm and motivation.

Pooja D M
Tech Lead

I joined in July 2022, there has been no looking back in the matter of personal finances for me since then. I completed the modules and sorted not just mine, but my spouse's goals and investments too. Not to boast, but using the master planner we could buy a new car loan-free. :) I'll be using the master-planner tool for life. We do not find any other like-minded people coming together at a scale like this. I have attended 2 meet-ups in Bangalore and have made some great friends through the community.The 1% Club is definitely 10/10 for me :)

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